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We Are What We Speak

Last night I was able to share my children's book, Willow's Wonders, and my story with two phenomenal ladies...Valerie and Casilya!! When I tell you it was absolutely AMAZING. I am still in awe of the places and situations that God puts us in when we are walking in our purpose.

As an author, I never really considered the impact my book had on not just children but adults as well. With the racial injustices taking place in our country, this is the perfect time to affirm ourselves, our spouses or significant others, and especially our children in knowing their worth. We have to know that we must appreciate our differences gifted to us by God and that we are beautiful...we are handsome...we are smart...we are strong...we are leaders!

As parents, we can sometimes get so caught up in the busyness of being just that...parents. Take some time to affirm your children. One really cool way to do this is by using a dry-erase marker and writing affirmations on their bathroom mirror. I learned this just last night and am definitely going to do this in my son's bathroom. I want to affirm him now so that when he grows up in this world, he is sure of who he is and appreciates being him. I also speak affirmations over my daughter who is 4 months old and not able to understand just set, but I want to speak positivity into her life too!

Think of ways that you can positively affirm your children DAILY!! Remember...We Are What We Speak!

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