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Updated: Jul 29, 2020

We can get so caught up in the busyness of our own schedules that we forget to pencil in that spouse or significant other, that loved one, that child, that friend. I mean you would think with all that's going on with the global pandemic we would have time for those we care most about. Not always the case, especially, like me, if you've packed on your to-do list with all that you can do because you feel like now you have the time.

The ever so changing dynamics of one's family structure can complicate and put a strain on other areas in your life. Being a mom of two has changed a lot within our household. Prior to baby #2, we were already busy with our careers, the academic and extra-curricular life of our 6 year-old, and Willie starting his doctoral program. During this time, I've found myself exhausted, which has caused some neglect in my marital relationship...not purposely. When you have two exhausted people in a home, let me tell you, it can bring out the ugliest in the both of you.

I've had to stop...think...reflect..and compromise. Through this I've learned that we have to make it an effort to spend time with one another. One thing we've decided to do is set aside so many nights a week where it's just us...while the rest of the house sleeps. Last night we got that time to just sit and was refreshing.

Take some time to think about some relationships that have been neglected because of everything else that you have going on. How can you make it a conscious effort to spend quality time with that person?'s all we have.

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