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My Bitmoji Explains My Day

Wouldn’t it be nice if each morning we woke up, we knew the day would be GREAT?? Well, I woke up feeling that way but my day didn’t turn out to be great AT ALL.

Working from home while entertaining a 6 year-old and a 5 month old has its challenges. Today those challenges really got the best of me. It seemed like they were both on an emotional roller coaster and I was yelling to get off.

Days like this make you want them to be over with already, but I’m taking this time to reflect on it and most importantly, learn from it. Number 1...I can’t decide to join them (my littles) on that emotional roller coaster; I have to calm them down so they can get off. Number 2...We will take mindfulness/brain breaks throughout the day. Number 3...My 6 year-old and I will prepare activities for the next day the day before. And number 4 (this will take some work)...I’ve got to get baby girl to be a bit more independent and not attached to me at the hip...literally.

These things will take some time and maybe even some adjusting but we will get through it.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

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