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Mind Full, or Mindful?

I's been a while. Being a wife, mother, and now back on campus as a school counselor has me going. So I've been doing a lot of work around this new...although old "buzz" word since the pandemic...MINDFULNESS!

I have tried to make it a daily habit to do some grounding work and focus on where I am presently as my mind is often all over the place. Mindfulness is not just beneficial for adults but children as well. I mean think about it...a lot of our kids are learning virtually and trust me that is a HUGE adjustment for them. Sitting in front of a computer screen is not always fun and can be draining.

It's important to take some time to just stop and make yourself aware of where you are at that present moment and do some breathing techniques or just to take notice of some things around you that are usually there, but we seldom pay attention to.

When your mind becomes FULL...STOP and take some time to be mindful.

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