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A Total Whirlwind of Things

Not as clear as I’d like it to be, but that picture of us was a good day. Not all days are the same, as we know.

Crayons, markers, construction paper, scissors, glue, laptops, baby bottle, pencils, calendar. It was all there...on the dining room table. My “office”...his “school desk”. In that very moment, I could feel the tension tightening in my shoulders and neck. “Son, I’ve got to stop. I need to take a moment to myself.“ He stopped cutting, looked at me and said, “Okay mom. What do you want to do?” I wasn’t in a good place...”Let’s take a break and you can go and watch some TV.”

“Self-care is not taking a hot bath or laying on the sofa most of the day binge watching your favorite show” was ringing in my ears. I had sat in a training earlier that day and could still here that exact quote from the presenter. That didn’t “sit“ right with me. Those are things that take me exactly to where I want to be...relaxation.

With all that’s going on around us, we have to remember to take some time for ourselves. After that training I vowed that I would take each day no matter for how long and just spend some time with just ME. I’ve gained a love for sitting in the grass with no shoes or socks on, doing craft projects, writing, listening to podcasts, soaking in the tub, and just doing absolutely nothing...all defined as, my place of calmness.

I urge you to take some time for YOU. If not, you will end up in...A Total Whirlwind of Things.

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